American English Coonhound


Admittedly, the ‘American English Coonhound’ is something of an odd name. It came about because these dogs were originally bred from the English Foxhound and for a while they were simply known as the ‘English Fox and Coonhound’.
Their job, as you might have guessed from that particular name, was to hunt both foxes and raccoons. The breed was split off in the early 20th century, with some coonhounds specializing only in raccoons. Back then, they would chase the animals up tree trunks to help their owners spot them in the branches.
It’s thanks to this practice that we have the expression ‘barking up the wrong tree.’ And thanks to a good-natured and friendly personality that the American English Coonhound makes such a wonderful pet.

Breed Insights

Usually good natured and sociable dogs.
Although bred for hunting, they like human or other canine companionship, as well as, plenty of exercise.
They are highly active so they are generally not suited to apartment living or small backyards.
Stubborn tendencies may be reduced through reward-based training techniques using treats and toys.

Height: 22.80 - 26.00 in

Show Weight: 39.70 - 63.90 lb

Pet Weight: 22.80 - 26.00 lb