American Bulldog


These happy and bouncy dogs are considered to be the closest surviving relative of the Old English Bulldog. They were first brought across the water to South America, where the breed originally began to develop.
In the late 1940s, they had a worrying drop in numbers, almost becoming extinct.
Luckily two breeders named John Johnson and Alan Scott came to the rescue. Not only did they save these lovable fellows from disappearing forever, they ended up creating types named after themselves.
The ‘Johnson’ version of the breed is large with a short muzzle, while the ‘Scott’ type is smaller with a longer muzzle. Johnson or Scott, the loyal American Bulldog is definitely our type of dog.

Breed Insights

Requires firm, consistent obedience training and socialization to prevent reservation with strangers and to ensure the dog is controllable in all situations.
Strong, alert, self-confident, physically active dogs that require daily mental and physical activity to prevent hyperactivity and difficulty in handling.
Forms strong family bonds and possesses strong protective instincts. There have been reported incidents of American Bulldogs being aggressive with other pets or people.
Can be wary of cats and other small pets and may react to strange dogs, especially those of the same sex. This can be reduced through early socialization.

Height: 20.10 - 28.00 in

Show Weight: 59.50 - 119.00 lb

Pet Weight: 20.10 - 28.00 lb