Lancashire Heeler


This quirky-looking and intelligent dog hails from (you guessed it), Lancashire in northern England. Sometimes also called the Ormskirk Heeler, they have short, black-and-tan-coats and little legs.
It’s thought one of the main founders of the breed were likely Welsh Corgis, who were visiting the area escorting cattle to local markets.
Lancashire Heelers have historically been used for rounding up cattle and sheep on farms by sharply nipping their heels. But they also have an impressive reputation as ratters and rabbit hunters.
They’re very uncommon outside of northern England and are rarely found outside of the United Kingdom. Their numbers are also relatively low. Hopefully that will change, as we’re head over heels for these cute dogs.

Breed Insights

Extremely alert and vigilant, making excellent herding dogs.
Some can be wary of strangers and have a tendency to bark a lot.
Enjoy dog sports particularly tracking and hunting. Tolerates plenty of exercise.
Responds well to reward-based training techniques using treats and toys.

Height: 9.80 - 11.80 in

Show Weight: 6.60 - 15.40 lb

Pet Weight: 9.80 - 11.80 lb