Toy Manchester Terrier


These lively and spirited dogs are a smaller version of the Manchester Terrier. Its ancestor, the Black and Tan Terrier, was bred for the sport of rat baiting.
Although they look similar to the black-and-tan English Toy Terrier, the two breeds developed separately. The Toy Manchester Terrier was actually a later miniaturized version of the American Manchester Terrier. Despite this distinction, the United Kingdom Kennel Club has opened the stud books to Toy Manchester Terriers registered with the American Kennel Club to increase numbers of their English Toy Terriers.
The Toy variety was added to the Manchester Terrier breed by the American Kennel Club in 1959. Small they might be, but no less great a pet in our opinion.

Breed Insights

Energetic, intelligent, and cunning dogs as befits their terrier heritage.
Stubbornness may be reduced by using motivational tools such as treats and favorite toys in reward-based obedience training.
Toy Manchester Terriers enjoy most dog sports such as agility, tracking, flyball, and all types of obedience events.
May be wary around strangers and can attempt to hunt other small animals. Will benefit from lots of early socialization.

Height: 9.80 - 11.80 in

Show Weight: 4.40 - 6.60 lb

Pet Weight: 9.80 - 11.80 lb