Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The friendly, tenacious dogs are thought to be the smallest amongst the herding class (‘corgi’ is often translated as ‘dwarf dog’).
They were bred in Pembrokeshire, Wales – for the purposes of herding cattle (something they are incredibly good at, despite their relative size).
Their ancestors are thought to be the Swedish Vallhund dogs, although some insist they’re descended from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which was brought to Wales by the Celts in 1200 B.C.
The dog’s popularity exploded in Britain and beyond when it became the favorite pet of both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. These loyal dogs found their way to America in the 1930s – and have been treated like royalty ever since.

Breed Insights

Active, alert, and intelligent dogs.
Pembroke Welsh Corgis enjoy dog sports such as flyball, musical freestyle, herding, Frisbee, agility, tracking, and competitive obedience.
May be stubborn, but this can may be reduced by using motivational tools such as treats and favorite toys in reward-based training.
Good watchdogs who are wary around strangers and may bark at other dogs.

Height: 9.80 - 11.80 in

Show Weight: 22.00 - 33.10 lb

Pet Weight: 9.80 - 11.80 lb