During the time of the Roman Empire, Roman troops took cattle dogs on their travels to herd the livestock that would later serve as food for the soldiers. One of the towns they journeyed through was Rottweil, in Germany.
This eventually became a cattle area and the descendants of the Roman cattle dogs who protected the herds came to be known as Rottweilers.
By the end of the 19th century, there was only one female left in the entire town. But luckily, the first Rottweiler club was founded in 1907 and this fearless and devoted breed was saved from extinction.
Today, we’re glad to report these wonderful dogs have travelled far and wide beyond their original Rottweill – and can be found virtually everywhere in the world.

Breed Insights

Calm, intelligent, and hard working dogs.
Rottweilers enjoy dog sports such as agility, tracking, herding, and obedience.
Because they are sensitive, they respond best to reward-based training using treats or favorite toys.
The Rottweiler was originally bred for various purposes including the guarding of people and/or property. Individual members of this breed will benefit from firm and dedicated training to temper this guarding tendency, and thus help to maintain safety as a household companion.

Height: 22.80 - 27.20 in

Show Weight: 83.80 - 119.00 lb

Pet Weight: 22.80 - 27.20 lb