Brussels Griffon


Bright but also very sensitive, the Brussels Griffon has been around since the 19th century. In those days, Belgian coachmen kept small terrier dogs in the stables for the purpose of catching rats. By breeding a mix of German Affenpinscher and the Belgian street dog, they found their ideal ratter.
These inquisitive and cute little dogs didn’t last in the stables very long, however. They eventually caught the eye of society’s elite and the breed became a fashionable house dog. More recently, the Brussels Griffon has risen to the giddy heights of Hollywood, starring alongside Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’. Those of us who already have one of these gorgeous little dogs will know the Brussels Griffon really is as good as it gets.

Breed Insights

May be intimidated by larger dogs, causing defensive barking leading to confrontations.
Made of small size and sensitive nature, close supervision of the Brussels Griffon with children is needed to prevent the dog from getting hurt.
Enjoy dog sports such as agility, tracking, rally, and competitive obedience to provide physical and mental stimulation.
Intelligent, playful, and energetic dogs.

Height: 7.10 - 7.90 in

Show Weight: 4.40 - 11.00 lb

Pet Weight: 7.10 - 7.90 lb