Small Münsterlander


The Small Münsterlander is from the Münster region of Germany, where it appeared on the scene in the early 1900s. Strong-willed and intelligent, it made a great hunting dog, able to tolerate all weather extremes.
They’re thought to be the result of crossing of Spaniels with the German Longhaired Pointer. A very versatile breed, many believe they developed from different stock to the Large Münsterlander and that the two breeds are not as similar as the names imply.
In the United States, they are now recognized by the American Kennel Club as a Foundation Stock Service breed. Here’s hoping we soon see the Small Münsterlander in much larger numbers.

Breed Insights

Intelligent, energetic, easily trained and usually friendly dogs that are great hunting companions.
Excellent hunters, some may be full of nervous energy and as a breed they thrive when receiving plenty of exercise.
May engage in chasing small pets or wildlife, barking, or digging.
Enjoy participating in dog sports such as field trials, tracking, agility, and obedience, or retrieving items such as tennis balls or Frisbees.

Height: 16.90 - 22.00 in

Show Weight: 30.90 - 37.50 lb

Pet Weight: 16.90 - 22.00 lb