With their unique character and cheeky appearance, these great little companions have been captivating people for over 150 years. The ‘Poms’ you see nowadays are toy dogs, but they didn't always look like this. Think more Golden Retriever, with a bushy tail, and you’d be closer.
It was Queen Victoria who influenced the change. She was given a tiny one as a present in 1888, which launched a fashion for the ‘pocket-sized’ dogs that went global. And the trend continues today, as breeders maintain the quality that keeps these trustworthy little fellows as popular as ever.
Pomeranians unsurprisingly are from Pomerania in north-eastern Europe, and were originally known as Zwergspitz. Zwerg means ‘dwarf’ and ‘spitz’ is the German breed of its bigger ancestor. From the freezing Prussian Baltics, bred to a dinky size, and with a royal connection, the Pomeranian has been on a worldwide journey of success. No wonder this tiny dog is a giant favorite.

Breed Insights

Eager to learn and responds well to reward-based training using treats or favorite toys.
Active, intelligent, and alert dogs.
Pomeranians seem to enjoy dog sports such as agility, musical canine freestyle, rally and competitive obedience.
They tend to bark. They can be reserved around strangers and may require careful socialization to prevent or reduce defensive aggressive tendencies.

Height: 7.10 - 11.80 in

Show Weight: 2.20 - 6.60 lb

Pet Weight: 7.10 - 11.80 lb