Portuguese Water Dog


These obedient and brave fellows came about in 16th century Portugal. As the name suggests, they are wonderful swimming dogs and were originally bred to assist fishermen.
They would send messages between boats, retrieve fish from the water, pull in the nets and, at the end of the day, guard the boats. Such was their swimming ability that they were even called upon to save drowning fishermen.
The first pair of Portuguese Water Dogs found their way to the United States in 1958, where they flourished and increased in number. We’ve been showering them with affection ever since.

Breed Insights

May have a sensitive nature and respond well to motivational tools such as treats or favorite toys in a reward-based approach to training .
Portuguese Water Dogs enjoy dog sports such as water trials, musical freestyle, agility, tracking, and obedience, and may be good jogging companions.
Intelligent, hard working, energetic, and usually friendly dogs.
May be nervous or shy with strangers.

Height: 16.90 - 22.00 in

Show Weight: 33.10 - 52.90 lb

Pet Weight: 16.90 - 22.00 lb